Double twist > Double twist stranding machine with capstan 1000-2500 mm

Double Twist Stranding Machine for reels diam. 1000-1250-1600-2000-2500 mm

High quality stell structure welded and treated

Pull capstan with independent motor

Reel driven by an independent motor

Cradle with reel-holding pintles and hydraulic closing

Bearings lubrication with grease

Bows with ceramic or widia passes and pulleys

Pull capstans with thermally treated grooves

Layer spreader sliding on ball skids and displaced by a recirculating ball screw for product laying controlled by a motor

Production parameters pre-selection directly from the operator panel and modifiable during the production (speed, lay-lenght, pitch etc.)

Reel loading and unloading by means of hydraulic internal platform

Total sound-absorbent covering of the machine